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    Simandhar Education is the official partner of Becker Education International Ltd, a global leader in CPA & CMA exam review. Since its inception, Becker has helped lakhs of CPA & CMA aspirants achieve their goals.

    • We are the Channel Partner of AICPA
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    • Approved partner of the Fast Forward Academy for Enrolled Agent in India
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    EA Course Syllabus

    Preliminary Work with Taxpayer Data - 17 questionsBusiness Entities – 28 questionsPractices and Procedures – 25 questions
    Income and Assets - 21 questionsBusiness Financial Information – 39 questions Representation before the IRS – 24 questions
    Deductions and Credits - 21 questionsSpecialized Returns and Taxpayers – 18 questionsSpecific Types of Representation – 19 questions
    Taxation and Advice - 14 questions Filing Process – 17 questions
    Specialized Returns for Individuals - 12 questions

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

    An Enrolled Agent (EA) is the only federally licensed tax practitioner specializing in all areas of taxation. Enrolled Agents represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax issues, including audits, collections and appeals.

    EA contains 3 parts

    • Individuals
    • Businesses
    • Representation, practices & procedures

    You can take all 3 together but it is suggested to go for 1 paper compared to three at a time.

    Each paper can be taken 3 times in a year

    It is best if you take assistance in the form of a coaching class than going for self-preparation because coaching classes help you to cover the topic in detail and gives a lot of practical examples to ensure that you are well prepared for the exams.

    Simandhar Education is one of the best coaching institute based in Hyderabad that impacts some quality education for aspirants who wish to become EAs. Do visit there website Click Here

    The enrolled agent training includes IRS regulations, tax law related matters, and various situations related to the taxpayer. And most importantly, how the best and most effective outcome could be obtained for the taxpayer.

    No, It is suggested to take 1 paper at a time.

    Because of covid19 pandemic issues exams are conducted in AUG & NOV’2020.

    Yes EA exams are conducted in India in all the metro cities for further information find the below link

    Click Here

    It should be completed within 2 years from the date of completion of the first exam.

    Each paper can be taken 3 times in a year

    • Obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number;
    • Apply to take the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE);
    • Achieve passing scores on all 3 parts of the SEE;
    • Apply for enrollment;
    • Pass a suitability check, which will include tax compliance to ensure that you have filed all necessary tax returns and there are no outstanding tax liabilities; and criminal background.

    The IRS selected Prometric to develop and administer the EA exam. The Exam Content Outlines (ECOs) and test questions were developed based on the survey's findings. The different parts of the exam can be taken in any order. Each year, some changes should be expected from prior examinations as emphasis shifts based on subsequent findings and since tax laws are passed or repealed.

    The only requirement is that applicants must pass all three sections in order to earn the EA certification. Prometric maintains a website where candidates can learn more about the SEE and register for the test.

    There is a $203.00 fee per part paid at the time of appointment scheduling. The test fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Education & Experience:

    There isn't any particular educational or experience requirement for the exam. However, candidates should be proficient in answering income and tax accounting questions.


    You need to pass all three exam parts within a period of 2 years. You must have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) renewed within the last year in order to register for the examination successfully.


    You need to pass a suitability check which includes both a tax compliance check and a criminal background check. In order to maintain your designation, you would need to complete 2 hours of ethics continuing professional education each year after you pass your exam.

    • Become completely knowledgeable about the EA Exam.
    • Applicants must obtain or review a PTIN.
    • Schedule your EA exam.
    • Prepare your study schedule for the EA exam.
    • Take the Exam.

    • Being an EA gives one the opportunity to grow and move forward in their career.
    • Being an EA increases your earning potential by an average of 10%.
    • It is a prestigious credential and therefore, will, in turn, earn the respect of others.
    • Helps you establish your expertise and improve your accounting skills and knowledge.
    • Will help you with your personal as well as professional development.

    Practice before the IRS includes all matters related to presentations for the IRS, regarding client's rights, privileges and liability under laws and regulations that are administered by the IRS.

    Yes, EA exams are conducted in India in all the metro cities and for further information, find the below link.Click Here

    PTIN stands for the Preparer tax identification number. It can be applied at any time during the year and should be renewed every year.

    All those who have completed +2 are eligible to enroll in the EA course.

    Each part contains 100 MCQ’s with a duration of 3.5 hours and there is a 15 min break after completing 1 section (i.e., after completing 50 MCQ’s) Results are announced immediately once the exam gets over and students can take the printout of their results.

    203$ per part

    30$ (application fee needs to be paid after clearing 3 papers in EA)

    The primary role of an enrolled agent is to deal with every kind of taxation affair. They can also represent taxpayers before the IRS (Internal Revenue Services). Yes, it’s a globally recognized course having opportunities in all the US-based MNC’s.

    If you wish to get into taxation that represents people before IRS, you could very well consider doing an EA course. Ideally, it will prove beneficial for aspirants who wish to get into US taxation. If you wish to pursue a career in the US, then EA is the way to go forward.

    The exam window is from May 1 to February 28 of the following year. The test is not offered during the annual blackout period in March and April. During this time the test is updated for the most recent tax law.

    Your examination appointment must be scheduled within one year of the date of registration. If space permits, you may register and schedule up to 2 days prior to your test date.

    Part 1: Individuals61%62%61%
    Part 2: Businesses64%69%70%
    Part 3: Representation, Practices and Procedures86%86%81%

    Simandhar Education provides you with access to Live Interactive classes from anywhere in the world and provides the facility to access recorded videos for students who seek to revisit the material taught.

    The reasons behind "How Simandhar Education different from other Institutes" are:

    • Live classes are very effective.
    • EA course at Simandhar is inexpensive.
    • It has good placement assistance.
    • It is associated with all Big 4s & multinationals, and alumni of Simandhar have placed in MNCs.
    • Simandhar has a wide network of world-class trainers, teachers and industry-experts across domains, especially EA, CPA, CMA, CIA, IFRS & HRCI.

    Simandhar Education has corporate tie-ups with Invesco, EY, Citrin Cooperman, etc.

    • Simandhar Education provides you with access to Live Interactive classes from anywhere in the world.
    • Provides the facility to access recorded videos for students who seek to revisit the material taught.
    • Supports its students by placing them in Top F & A companies, Big 4 etc.
    • Personal grooming sessions for interviews.
    • Attention on individual candidates.
    • It provides placement opportunities.