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Approx. Expenses
(in US )
Approx. Expenses
(in INR )
Phase I (Exam Preparation @Simandhar CPA Review) - Payable to Simandhar CPA Review *
Training Fee - Classroom (OR) Online 1,895 1,32,000 Click here to Pay
Simandhar CPA Review
[For enrollment]
Total Course Fee 1,895 1,32,000
Phase II (Applying for the Exam) - Payable to US agency / state board
Foreign Academic Credential Evaluation 300 21,000
CPA Exam Application: $950 Exam fee approx. + $1426 International testing additional fee 2,400 1,68,000 Payment directly by credit card
to the US state board
[about 6-9 months after enrollment]
Total Official Expenses 2,700 1,89,000
Phase III (Taking the exams - Dubai travel expenses)
Return ticket to Dubai (UAE) – for 2 trips as recommended 500 35,000
UAE - Visa Fees – for 2 trips 200 14,000

Incurred directly by the candidate at
the time of Dubai (UAE) travel
[about 9-12 months after enrollment]

Stay cost in Dubai (2 trips x 5 days @$50/day) 500 35,000
Total for Dubai Travel Expenses 1,200 84,000
Grand Total of CPA Exam Expenses 5,795 4,05,000

* Expenses stated are only indicative and may vary due to reasons outside of the control of Simandhar CPA Review.

* Exchange rate used for calculations: US $1 = INR 70.00

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