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FNF Schedule

Week 1-4Week 5-8Week 9-12
SoftskillsFuture of FinanceImportance of Data and Data Analytics
Basics of accounting Basics of AUD Interview experience sharing
Ratio Analysis and working capital managementAUD in IndustryMock Interview
IFRS and US GAAPBasics of US Tax
US Tax in Industry

Discover Your Dream Job with the Big 4

Mode of Training: Virtual Duration: 40 hours

Registration Fee: Rs. 25000/- (inclusive of taxes)
*Valid for one year.

Simandhar or Non-Simandhar Student

Disclaimer - Keeping in view of the various aspects, students enrolled by our corporate client will not be provided with any placement assistance.

Who can Attend FNF?

Simandhar studentsSimandhar AlumniNon-Simandhar Students
Simandhar students who are currently pursuing any one of the courses—the US CPA course, the US CMA course, the EA course, ACCA and the CIA course.Simandhar alumni who have completed their US CPA exam, US CMA exam, EA exam, ACCA and CIA exam.Non-Simandhar accounting aspirants who want to work with the Big 4 and top accounting firms.

How will FNF Re-define Your Career Growth and Aspirations?

The course has been developed with the help of the insights we gained through our interaction with C-suite executives of the Big 4 and other top accounting firms.

Gain confidence and learn what accounting interviewers expect from candidates.
Any non-Simandhar student who completes the course will be treated as a Simandhar alumni.
Participate in exclusive placement drives organised by Simandhar through its corporate tie-ups.
As a student or alumni of Simandhar, you will receive career support and guidance throughout your life.

Prepare with India's Trusted Institute

Simandhar Education

Simandhar Education is the official partner of Becker Education International Ltd, a global leader in CPA & CMA exam review. Since its inception, Becker has helped lakhs of CPA & CMA aspirants achieve their goals.

  • We are the Channel Partner of AICPA
  • Official partners of Becker Professional Education
  • Approved partner of the Fast Forward Academy for Enrolled Agent in India
  • Silver Partner of ACCA

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Finance for NonFinance Course is dedicated to training accounting aspirants to help them secure their dream jobs. FNF includes key accounting concepts revision, soft skills training, resume building sessions, and grooming sessions.

FNF is open to both Simandhar student/alumni and non-Simandhar student. Any accounting aspirant who wants to build a prospective career in the finance and accounting fields can attend FNF.

FNF will improve your overall skillset and confidence level to get your dream job in the BIG 4. By the end of this workshop, you will understand what interviewers will expect from the candidates and prepare accordingly. You can also attend exclusive placement drives conducted by Simandhar in collaboration with BIG 4 and other Top MNCs.

FNF fee is Rs. 25,000/- inclusive of taxes (validity of one year)

On successful completion of FNF, you will be recognized as Simandhar alumni. You will get life-long career guidance and mentorship. We will also provide placement support or guidance.

No, the access to offline recorded videos of CPA, CMA, and other courses are only limited to Simandhar students. You will have to enroll for a course with us to get access to the recorded videos.

Simandhar has a strong network of exclusive corporate relationships with the BIG 4 such as Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, and other Top MNCs. We have partnered with many companies for recruitment. You will be eligible for these exclusive placement drives. You will be mentored and have mock interviews before attending the real-interview to help you get your dream job.