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 CPA Bridge course

Enhance your US CPA Exam/License eligibility with Bridge Course

Earn 60 Credits along with your US CPA course and sit for US CPA exam in India

Why must you pursue a CPA Bridge Course

One of the top training institutes for the US CPA course, Simandhar Education, which is an official partner of Becker Professional Education and a registered course provider with the AICPA, gives you end-to-end training and guidance to kickstart a global career in accounting and finance. Here, you get a chance to learn from the industry’s best, Sripal Jain (CA, CPA, and Guest Instructor at IIM), get 100% placement assistance, and have a chance to get placed in the Big 4 and the top US-based MNCs. Sripal Jain is also one of the leading authors of the Becker CMA program in India. Apart from CPA, Simandhar Education provides Enrolled Agent (EA), US CMA (the India equivalent of ICWAI, CMA), Diploma IFRS, CIA (Certified Internal Auditor)—IIA and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

CPA eligibility is a very complex process as bachelor's degrees in India only gives 90 credits (30 CPA credits for one year), so the bridge course of additional 60 credits can bridge the gap and make you eligible for the CPA course, and you may sit for the CPA exam in India and globally accordingly. The entire content of the Bridge course is designed by Simandhar faculty, thus making you eligible for the CPA exam in India.

While a CPA course will give you an edge, here are the benefits that you can get with a Bridge course


You can earn 60 US semester-hour credits, helping you become a CPA license holder, as the majority of states in the US require 150 credits for a CPA license.


Aspirants having only a BCom, BBA, or BSc will now be eligible to sit for the CPA exam with registration for the CPA bridge course. Please note that you don’t need to complete the bridge course to write the CPA exam in India; the requirement is to register and give an undertaking.


This course is integrated with CPA. Hence, you do not have to make extra efforts to study this course and yet remain beneficial.


Becker's Artificial Intelligence Adapt2U Learning System guides you through your strengths and weaknesses and assists you in developing a better exam strategy.


The study materials and curriculum are approved by Silver Oak University.


This course makes getting a CPA License easier.


Simandhar Education, in collaboration with Silver Oak University, provides a two-year M.Com degree program in US Accounting and Taxation. This postgraduate program is divided into four semesters and aims to equip candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the fields of Accounting and Taxation. The M.Com (US Accounting and Taxation) program at Simandhar Education is closely integrated with the US CPA exam, CPA syllabus, allowing learners to simultaneously prepare for the prestigious US CPA certification while pursuing their online M.Com degree.

Great News for CMA candidates!

US CMA students, great news for you! You can now take the CPA exam through our Bridge course. As you may know, the previous rule in Nasba no longer applies. B.Com students will receive 90 credits, and they will need to complete a mandatory bridge course to reach 120 credits and be eligible for the CPA exam. Due to the difference in education systems between India (15 years) and the US (16 years), this bridge course is necessary as Nasba doesn't follow the NAAC A rule. Simandhar Education has partnered with Silver Oak University for this opportunity.

Why do a CPA Bridge Course?

  • Obtain 60 US semester hour credits at an affordable price.
  • CPA-integrated curriculum at Simandhar: Clear the PG Diploma and M.Com effortlessly as they cover 60% of the CPA curriculum.

The online M.Com (US Accounting and Taxation) degree program is ideal for individuals who aspire to establish a competitive edge in the field of Accounting and Taxation. With comprehensive coverage of core subjects, the program enables learners to develop a strong foundation in their preferred areas of study. Furthermore, it offers opportunities for professional certifications of international renown, including the esteemed US-CPA designation. The popularity of online degree courses in India has been on the rise, and UGC Entitled online courses have proven to be a valuable asset for ambitious individuals in the 21st century. Pursuing a CPA course unlocks a multitude of prospects in Accounting and Taxation. By choosing this elective, learners gain practical experience in designing corporate strategies and achieving real-time business milestones. The program opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities, including those specifically related to the US-CPA certification.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible, candidates must have successfully completed a minimum three-year Bachelor's program in any field from a university recognized by the UGC

Programme Objectives:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of US accounting principles, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), to enable students to specialise in this area. The program covers financial reporting, analysis, and accounting practices specific to the United States.
  2. Acquire proficiency in US taxation laws and regulations, providing students with a solid foundation in this field. The curriculum covers federal, state, and local tax laws, as well as tax planning strategies and compliance requirements for individuals and businesses operating within the US.
  3. Foster advanced skills in financial analysis and reporting, equipping students with the ability to effectively analyse financial statements, interpret financial data, and prepare comprehensive reports in accordance with US accounting standards.
  4. Enhance career readiness and employability by equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and professional attributes required to succeed in the accounting and taxation industry. Graduates will be well-prepared for roles in public accounting firms, corporate finance departments, tax consulting firms, and other related positions.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Profound understanding of US accounting principles: Graduates will possess advanced knowledge of US accounting principles, encompassing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), financial reporting standards, and accounting practices specific to the United States.
  2. Expertise in US corporate taxation: Students will develop a strong grasp of US corporate taxation, including comprehensive knowledge of tax planning strategies for corporations, tax implications of mergers and acquisitions, and accurate calculation and reporting of corporate income tax.
  3. Competence in US individual and partnership taxation: Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in handling the complexities of individual income tax calculations, deductions, exemptions, and effective tax planning strategies for partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs).
  4. Understanding of international taxation principles: Students will acquire knowledge of international tax principles and the impact of global tax regulations on US accounting and taxation practices. They will grasp the fundamentals of international tax planning, transfer pricing, and taxation of international transactions.
  5. Application of accounting and taxation principles in real-world scenarios: Graduates will possess the ability to apply their knowledge and skills to solve practical accounting and taxation problems. They will have experience analysing real-world case studies, identifying tax issues, and proposing appropriate solutions.
  6. Ethical and professional behaviour: Graduates will appreciate the significance of ethical behaviour and professional conduct within the accounting and taxation field. They will demonstrate integrity, ethical decision-making, and a steadfast commitment to upholding professional standards.
  7. Research and analytical skills: Graduates will have well-developed research and analytical skills necessary for investigating complex accounting and taxation issues. They will be proficient in gathering relevant information, critically evaluating sources, and applying their findings to resolve problems and make informed decisions.

Evaluation Process:

The M. Com (US Accounting and Taxation) course examination will be conducted online in a proctored mode. The examination consists of two types of assessments: internal assessments, accounting for 40% of the overall weightage, and external assessments, which carry 60% weightage. Students have the convenience of appearing for the exam from any location using their laptops, as the examination is conducted online.

Program Fees:

INR 20,000/Annum





Semester - 1

Semester - 2

Semester - 3

Semester - 4






2023 - 2024

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Yes, once he registers with the bridge course, he can sit for CPA exam and meet CPA eligibility.

yes, as the bridge course will give them 60 credits and thus making them eligible to sit for CPA exam in India.

Great news !!! as Course is integrated with CPA, hence you don’t need to study anything additional and sit for CPA exam in India.