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Why You Might Need a CPA Bridge Course

Students with a Bachelor’s Degree of 3 years are considered only to have completed 90 credit hours of education. But there is a criterion for 120 credits for writing the US CPA exam. This Bridge course allows you to cover that deficit making you eligible for the examination.

What is a CPA Bridge Course?

It is a 1-year course that teaches aspirants about various domains like accounting, law, financial management, and economics. This course will allow the students to meet the minimum credit requirements and also later obtain their license.

Benefits of the Course

Obtain 60 US credits

Affordable Price

CPA Integrated Curriculum

Give US CPA exam and practice from India

Evaluation Process

The M. Com (US Accounting and Taxation) course examination will be conducted online in a proctored mode. The examination consists of

  • Internal assessments (40%)
  • External assessments (60%).
Students have the convenience of appearing for the exam from anywhere using their laptops.

Program Fees


Fees Type

Fees Period


1Application Feeson time Before Admission500
2Tuition FeesBeginning Of Every Semester20000
3University Enrolment FeesAfter Confirmation of Admission On time1500
4End Semester Examination FeeEvery Semester2500
6Transcript Fees (If Required)Based on the student's Request1500

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Yes, once he registers with the bridge course, he can sit for CPA exam and meet CPA eligibility.

yes, as the bridge course will give them 60 credits and thus making them eligible to sit for CPA exam in India.

Great news !!! as Course is integrated with CPA, hence you don’t need to study anything additional and sit for CPA exam in India.