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Tanmoy Sal

(US CPA )-Deloitte
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Sri Durga

(US CMA)- Invesco
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Vinay Kumar

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Peter Kattady

(US CMA)- Evosys
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Latika Arora

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Adil Ayoob

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Passionate Simandhar and Becker Instructors
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275+ hours of video lessons per section by Top CPA and CMA instructors

Comprehensive Becker Study Material

8,100+ practice multiple choice questions 530+ practice task-based simulations and 300 plus essays along with compendious online as well as printed textbooks

Artificial Intelligence Support

Artificial Intelligence software Adapt2U Learning, which takes the student through his/her strengths and weakness and helps in devising the exam strategy in a better way

Live Interactive Classes

Simandhar provides live online classes 365 days & support by Becker Recordings, 1,400 digital flashcards

Corporate Sessions

Grooming sessions with Top Leaders and CFOs of Eminent companies like EY, SAP, DE Shaw, Infosys, Invesco etc

Success Coach

One-on-one exclusive mentoring by our Lead Instructor – Sripal Jain.

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1. Placement Assistance

supports its students by placing them in Top F & A companies, Big 4 etc

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Integration of modern technology for efficient management of Mock Tests

3. Assistance via Social Media Group

Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Forum & Blog with dedicated faculties in every group.

4. Licensing Support

Provides local evaluation support and licensing assistance for all its students

Are you still confused about whether you can write the US CPA exam in India? If yes then how can we schedule our exam? Who can help me in exam preparation during the COVID-19 pandemic? Get an answer to all these queries. Watch the video

Sripal Jain, CA , CPA USA , CGMA,

Co-founder & Global Lead Instructor- Simandhar Education ( Official Partner of Becker professional education and AICPA )


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Is it worth it getting your CPA ? What can you do with it?

As per Wikipedia "Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the title of qualified accountants in numerous countries in the English-speaking world. In the United States, the CPA is a license to provide accounting services to the public.

CMA USA Course,Details,Eligibility,Fees - Emerging Qualification

The US CMA Course is globally recognized, advanced-level credential appropriate for accountants and financial professionals in the business. Management Accountants are playing a key role in companies’ profitability, forecasting of revenue, financial planning and analysis.

CPA USA Course,Details,Eligibility,Fees-Simandhar Education

AICPA, the governing body of the US CPA qualification, mandates having a total of 120 credit points in order to appear for the CPA exam. The CPA USA eligibility of Indian students is as follows:

Why Should I Become a CMA ? 4 Reasons

The CMA is an advanced, globally-recognized designation that demonstrates an aptitude for making financial decisions for businesses. For some, this business bent makes it preferable to the CPA. If you want to make business decisions, help run a business, or be at all involved in busines.

Do’s and Dont’s before going to Pro-metric for CPA USA exam

Where the Parametric Testing Center is: We highly recommend you make the drive to the parametric centre once or twice before your exam. Get to know the route, how long it will take, and what traffic is typically like during the time and day of your exam. You do not want to get lost on your way to the testing centre or arrive late.

4 Reasons to take the CPA EXAM as soon as possible

While attending a Beta Alpha Psi Annual Meeting several years ago, we had the pleasure of hearing many great speakers give presentations on the accounting industry. One in particular, CEO of Grant Thornton International, gave some excellent career advice when asked by a student about the CPA Exam.

CPA VS CFA - Which is better

CPA is offered by the biggest accounting body in the world AICPA, whereas CFA is offered by CFA institute.There are 4 papers in CPA ( FAR, AUD, BEC,REG) ,whereas there are three levels to CFA exam ( Level 1, 2,3).CPA can be written in any month , whereas CFA exam can be written in June ( L1,2,3) and December( L1)

CMA Vs CFA : How To Choose One For Yourself?

CMA and CFA are two of the most well known professional qualifications which students wanting to become Accounting and Finance professionals choose to study. These certifications increase their educational qualifications and skills and help them to get high salary and high growth jobs.

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Is CPA better than CA?

Indian CA and CPA US are professional qualifications however the quality, structure and the duration differs completely, I would say CPA is far easier than CA and the most important reason for it is the exams are conducted monthly and one have the flexibility to write exam in any months and also please note there is no exemptions in any of the subjects as ICAI currently don't have MOU with AICPA.

Which is a better profession/background/credential, management accounting (CMA) or accounting (CPA)?

You cannot compare any professional qualifications, it all depends on ones interest, if your interest is Accounting, Audit and Taxation- Go for CPA and if your interest is analysis, Decision making- then go for CMA.Simandhar education does provide both the certifications and whenever we have students seeking suc queries we tell them to take decision based on their interest rather debating on

Answer to How difficult is a CPA exam? Is it a better option to pursue after a B.Com degree?

The answer is definitely yes, lot of the folks are having also a clarification whether distance Bcom is considered for CPA, the answer is yes again . US CPA exam follows credit system and the scores of your Bcom are converted into credits and thereby giving you 90 credits to sit for the CPA exam, however we strongly recommend folks to pursue distance Mcom too in order to meet the balance credits

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