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US CMA has 2 parts

Changes in section’s names (percentage coverage remains the same)

Changes in PART 1

Addition of topics like:

  • Consolidated statements
  • Contribution margin
  • Other costing systems
  • Testing methods for internal controls
  • Control deficiency remediation
  • Data management
  • Changes in Part 2

    Addition of topics like:

  • Financial trend analysis
  • Debt financing
  • Discount rates
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Types of business fraud
  • Data ethics
  • What remains unchanged in CMA?

    Number of exam parts:

    Two-part exam

    Types of Questions

    100 Mcqs & 2 essays

    Exam duration

    9 to 12 months

    Marks required to pass


    Important News About Exam Dates

    • September 1, 2024 – planned effective date —June is last opportunity to take current exam (no testing in July / August)
    • New candidate requirement to complete an IMA ethics self-study course

    How to prepare for CMA Exam changes?

    When the CMA exam changes, candidates have many questions about how it will affect them. Use the Simandhar CMA exam changes resources to ensure you have a plan for the CMA exam, regardless of what changes are announced.

    Advantages of taking the CMA exam after the changes

    Why change?

    The CMA exam is evolving to reflect the current and future needs of the accounting and finance industry. This means the skills tested will align with the changing expectations employers have for CMAs.

    Testing latest material matters

    By taking the exam before the changes, you'll be tested on the most relevant material, ensuring your skills are up-to-date with industry demands. If you're already working, this may overlap with your current experience.

    Don’t Rush!

    While deadlines can motivate, avoid taking the exam unprepared. Failing can be expensive and discouraging. Realistically assess your study needs and available time before registering.

    Secure your ideal testing spot

    Testing centers can fill up quickly, especially before major changes. If you plan to take the exam before the update, schedule your appointment ASAP to get your preferred date and location.