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What is Simandhar’s Finance for Non-Finance (FNF)?

Simandhar's Finance for Non-Finance is curated especially for students enrolled in CPA or CMA courses.

We have rigorously designed this course to support students from non-accounting backgrounds who are new to finance and accounting concepts in CPA/CMA.

It helps students kickstart their preparation for the CPA and CMA exams without any difficulties.

This course benefits students who come from non-financial backgrounds and are struggling with the fundamentals of accounting and finance

It is also beneficial for accounting professionals who want to review and improve their accounting knowledge.

And the BEST part?

It’s FREE!!

The Finance for Non-Finance Professionals Course is ABSOLUTELY FREE for CPA and CMA aspirants enrolled with Simandhar Education!


Comprehensive Study Material
End-to-End Licensing Support
10+ Top Instructors
Live Interactive Classes
200+ Placement Partners
Recorded Videos

What do you get?

Finance & Accounting Fundamentals

Build a solid foundation for US CPA or US CMA success.

Essential Skills

Master auditing, taxation, reporting, and regulations.

Financial Statement Expertise

Learn to prepare financial statements, balance sheets, and cash flow

Industry Insights

Discover current trends and opportunities in finance and accounting.

Expert Guidance

Get a 1:1 mentoring session with Mr. Sripal Jain, CA, CPA.