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What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics (DA) is the collection, transformation, and organization of data in order to draw conclusions, make predictions, and drive informed decision making.

This course combines simple statistical and data visualisation tools to give participants the skills they need to analyse data. Participants should be able to execute the required financial analysis using strong tools by the end of this course. As an analyst, manager, or consultant, you'll need to understand financial data.

Tools Coverage

Course Summary

Module 1

Introduction to Data Analytics for Finance

2 Hours

Module 2

Microsoft Excel for Financial Data Analytics

5 Hours

Module 3

SQL for Financial Data Analytics

5 Hours

Module 4

Financial Analytics using Tableau

5 Hours

Module 5

Financial Analytics using Power BI

5 Hours

Module 6

Capstone Project Demo

3 Hours

Structure of the Course


Tools usage

Practical Hands-on experience


Training Structure

Total Duration :
25 Hours

Total Sessions :

Certificate :
Post Capstone Project

Our Faculty

Sripal Jain CA, CPA

Co-Founder & Lead Instructor, Simandhar Education ; Guest Faculty, IIM

Sabitra Panda

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist ByteIQ Analytics ; MBA, IIM Indore