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About Data Analytics

This course combines simple statistical and data visualisation tools to give participants the skills they need to analyse data. Participants should be able to execute the required financial analysis using strong tools by the end of this course. As an analyst, manager, or consultant, you'll need to understand financial data.

Data Analytics

Key Topics

How to Develop a Data-Driven Mindset

How to Approach a Data Analytics Project

Understanding Data and the Data Ecosystem

Skills Gained Through Data Analytics

  • 1
    Recall the analytical and data-driven Mindset characteristic.
  • 2
    Recognize how to set business or client objectives and desired outcomes for a data analytics project.
  • 3
    Recognize the various methods for describing and interpreting data.
  • 4
    Identify the types and categories of data.
  • 5
    Recognize the relationship between data science and data analytics.
  • 6
    Recognize the technology and data ecosystem's characteristics for data analytics.

Data Visualization

Key Topics

Communicating Insights from Data

Making Decisions from Data

Ways to Visualize Data

Design Principles for Visualizing Data

Setting up Business Intelligence in Organizations

Components of BI Platforms

How Underlying Data Architecture Affects Reporting and Predictive Analytics Techniques

Skills Gained Through Data Visualization

  • 1
    Create a data story that includes visualisations.
  • 2
    Determine the perspectives of key stakeholders.
  • 3
    Determine the data requirements of the organisation.
  • 4
    Distinguish between common business intelligence frameworks.
  • 5
    Share data stories across the organization using visualization tools.
  • 6
    Best practices for recall visualization.

Data Analytics Program Highlights

Our Data Analytics program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of data analysis. Here are the program highlights:

Developing a Data-Driven Mindset

  • 1
    Learn how to cultivate a data-driven mindset, a crucial attribute for success in the world of data analytics.
  • 2
    Understand the importance of data in decision-making processes.

Data Analytics Project Approach

  • 1
    Gain insights into the methodologies and strategies for approaching data analytics projects effectively.
  • 2
    Learn to set clear business or client objectives and desired outcomes for each project.

Understanding the Data Ecosystem

  • 1
    Explore the intricacies of the data ecosystem, including data sources, storage, and retrieval.
  • 2
    Understand how data analytics fits into the broader field of data science.

Data Visualization Techniques

  • 1
    Dive into the art of data visualization and learn how to communicate insights effectively
    through visual representations.
  • 2
    Discover various ways to visualize data and design principles for creating impactful visualizations

Business Intelligence Integration

  • 1
    Explore the integration of data analytics into the realm of Business Intelligence (BI).
  • 2
    Understand the components of BI platforms and their role in organizational decision-making.

Data Analysis Skills

  • 1
    Develop core data analysis skills, including data interpretation, description, and categorization.
  • 2
    Explore the relationship between data science and data analytics, and how they complement each other.

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