Clearing the US CPA Exam is one of the major hurdles for CPA aspirants, but it is not as difficult as you think. This article will help you to pass the CPA exam on your first try.

5 Secrets to Pass the CPA exam

  1. Consistency in studying
  2. Online review course
  3. Study tools
  4. Read questions carefully
  5. Give your best answer

1. Consistency in studying

Here, we would like to give important advice, Always space out your learning and don’t wait for the last minute to review the material.

While studying for crucial exams like the CPA Exam one must study in short bursts over long time periods like 12 hours per week for 12 months (one year) is far better than studying long hours in a short time period.

Early morning meditation or education keeps you active throughout the day, in the morning time, people are at their peak productivity.

Most people do the important tasks in the morning as we all tend to have a fresh mind. Our personal, work commitments, or family may prevent us from studying. But, one must have to face all those hurdles, overcome all the difficulties, and make a habit of studying every day.

2. Online Review Course

It is essential to choose the right online review course wisely—Becker study material + Simandhar Education classes.

Simandhar Education is the official partner of Becker and channel partner of AICPA, its main objective is to help professional students achieve their goals and ensure quality education to prepare aspirants for their professional exam success.

Simandhar Education has its own CPA exam review, taught by India’s best CPA instructors, and this Learning Management System (LMS) with Becker CPA review makes sure that you get all the nourishment required to tackle your CPA exams.

Along with the regular classes, Simandhar extends support to aspirants through revision classes that have been a hit for a long time among the Indian CPA fraternity.

3. Study Tools

Many study tools are helping the CPA aspirants in preparing for the US CPA Exam in India.

Simandhar’s student telegram groups provide all the content and CPA study material required for the CPA Aspirants to clear the CPA Exam with a good score.

Besides, the AICPA has some free CPA exam sample tests and free CPA exam study material.

Ensure to select the best study tool on the market for you to study more effectively and efficiently.

4. Read questions carefully

Before answering any question, go through the question carefully and understand it. Then read the options and re-read the question.

If you think two options are correct, then read the question in little detail to get the right answer.

5. Give your best answer

If you want to clear the CPA exam on your first try, you don’t have to guess the second option.

Suppose, if you are done with all the questions, then no need to go back and modify the answers. You must have to approach each and every question to the best of your ability.

Here are a few Testimonials of Simandhar Education

Mohit Vaidya, CPA (USA)
(Senior Associate at PwC)

I took the Becker + Simandhar material for my REG section of the CPA exam. I loved the way the course was structured, and the Simandhar videos helped with the understanding of difficult and complex concepts.

The Becker software is fully equipped with unlimited practice tests, skill master videos, flashcards, etc.

The study plan creator helps students optimize the time in hand and strategize their approach toward the exam.

Simandhar has a very student-centric approach, and I highly recommend it for the CPA course.

Ritika Malik, US CPA

Simandhar Education is not a team but a family who are passionate about their students. It’s a family of dedicated experts who go the extra mile for their students.

They guide you on each and every step from your education evaluation to the placement. I strongly recommend Simandhar.

Anoushka Baghla, US CPA
Advanced Tax Analyst at EY | U.S CPA(Awaiting License)

Simandhar Education has been the most integral part of my career yet. It’s where any student needs to be at some point or the other in life.

I joined Simandhar when I started pursuing CPA, and this has been by far the best choice ever made Sripal Jain (CA CPA) has the utmost dedication towards his students and has an equally dedicated staff that makes the decision to go there worth every effort.

I passed CPA under his guidance and also got my first-ever job through their wholehearted efforts, and I consider myself fortunate enough to have been a part of such an establishment.


If you stick to the study tips and develop a study plan, passing the US CPA exam on the first attempt is not a big task. So, prepare well and follow the tips shown in this article to attain a good score in the CPA exam.

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